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Worldview Training

This gripping retreat or two-day conference introduces teens, parents, and educators to the wonderful world of worldviews!  You and your high school students will come away from this training experience with sharpened perspectives on entertainment, pluralism, postmodernism, ethics, pop-culture, the role of technology, and many other contemporary ideas that make a tremendous difference in the faith and life of every person every single day.

Richly grounded in Scripture and illustrated through gripping personal and multi-media presentations, this powerful training will help you and your teens think deeply and biblically about some of the most important and world-shaping topics being discussed today.

Siblings Paul and Anna Downer team up as a dynamic speaking duo, bringing humor, insight and spiritual depth to the most pressing issues your teens are facing. 

Help you and your teens become more prepared to understand, articulate and own your faith in a whole new way by bringing the Worldview Training Retreat to your school, church or regional conference.


Available Sessions

1. What Is A Worldview?

2. Does Being A Christian Mean Kissing Your Brain Goodbye?

3. How Should A Christian Think About Popular Culture?

4. How Do I Hold Onto And Explain My Faith In A Secular World?

5. What's Up With Other Religions?

6. How Can I Think Biblically About Entertainment?

7. How Can God Be Good If There Is So Much Evil & Suffering?

8. What Is The Kingdom Of God All About?

9. Where Should I Get My Sense of Meaning & Identity?

10. How Should I Engage With Those Who Aren't Believers?

11. What Does It Mean To Be Human?

12. What Would A Biblical Vision of Community Look Like?& lt;