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Student Leadership

Sibling speaking team Paul and Anna Downer are passionate about communicating to today’s high school students the life-changing truths and strategies they have discovered over the years for how teenagers can live life to the fullest for Christ in our contemporary world.

Spiritual Life Conference

Drawing on a rich understanding of Scripture, pop culture, and the broken world of American teenagers, Paul and Anna speak with relevance and conviction to the greatest needs and most burning questions of high school students. Speaking at both Christian and public high schools, this dynamic speaking team is willing and eager to tailor their presentations to the audience in question.

Session Titles

By Paul:
1. Resolving Conflicts & Building Strong Parent-Teen Relationships
2. Escaping The Three Deadliest Traps Of Secular Culture
3. Top Challenges of a High School Graduate
4. Living Counter-Culturally in an Entertainment-Saturated Society
5. God’s Radical Definition of Masculinity: Five Life-Changing Lessons from Jesus

By Anna:
1. What A Girl Needs to Know Most About Guys
2. What A Guy Needs to Know Most About Girls
3. God’s Design & A Girl’s Fractured Identity
4. The Truths, Secrets, and Choices that Make a Girl’s Heart Come Alive!
5. Drawing Near to the Heart of God as A Teenager

Speaking References:

Paul was dynamic, engaged, and connected with the audience. He does a terrific job sharing godly principles with application
to daily life in a way that is both clear and compelling. I highly recommend Paul Downer as a speaker at your conference.
~Dick Honaker, Trial Attorney

Paul and Anna gave us fresh inspiration that young people can lead godly lives in a perverse world. They set a phenomenal example that our students can follow. They love God wholeheartedly, speak with honesty, and are extremely effective at capturing and holding an audience’s attention. Their handling of Scripture was extremely relevant and their personal illustrations helped the students relate and connect.
~Vivian Welkner, Dean of Women, Southside Christian School, Greenville, SC

Paul and Anna Downer are an extraordinary brother-sister team with an amazing story to tell. Their transparency in the telling, points us to a greater story, which ministers hope to all of us. The centrifugal force of life is spinning families apart; Paul and Anna describe the Biblical principles that kept their family together. They exemplify the old adage: God can take our mess and turn it into a message. I have caught a glimpse of Jesus through the window of their lives.
~Renny Scott, Headmaster, Christian Heritage School, Dalton, GA

Paul and Anna speak with clarity and a freshness of perspective that is memorable, integrating Scriptural principles with reallife situations. They did an excellent job! As speakers, these two are a refreshing change from the typical fare. Paul and Anna’s teaching is rich with Scripture without being preachy. They are bluntly honest about their own struggles and share how our loving God can meet us wherever we are in life. They are a fantastic example of young Christians who have been through the struggles of the teenage years and come out on the other side with wisdom to share, tales to tell, regrets to use for examples and yet the joy of believers who are confident in the fact that God is in the proper place in their lives. Paul and Anna make sure to convey that God is in control, God loves us more that anyone, and we cannot replace our need for God with any other person, addiction, or relationship. We definitely want to have them back!
~Kathi Millsaps, Student Leadership Advisor, Crossroads Christian School, Birmingham, AL

Paul and Anna are honest and open – authentic! They were very credible with our teenagers.
~Don Kauffman, Principal, Southside Christian School, Greenville, SC

Paul and Anna are real, down to earth, and they connected with our students well. Their real-life illustrations and experiences grabbed our attention and made their presentations relevant. They related well to our audience because they both grew up in a Christian family that had to work through the same problems that we all face. They speak insightfully about how our culture’s portrait of men and women is distorted from how they are presented in Scripture.
~Robert Jones, Upper School Assistant Principal, Southside Christian School, Greenville, SC

Anna and Paul really connected with us. They didn’t just get up and lecture. They engaged us in discussion and helped us understand what we were hearing. They also spent time with us and talked with us one on one. I really felt that they were very real with a true heart for Christ. Listening to Paul and Anna talk was like listening to a friend share out of her life. They used Scripture in a way that was easy to unde rstand and really made sense. They didn’t sugar-coat things or talk down to us. Instead of  saying “DO THIS,” they said “Hey, here’s how it is.” And that was really cool. Paul and Anna gave us an awesome example of a Christian living in the real world dealing with for-real stuff. They were just plain groovy!
~Miranda, Student, Crossroads Christian School, Birmingham, AL