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Military Marriage Renewal

Drawing on nearly four decades of experience, Phil and Susy Downer share the greatest keys they have learned about moving from surviving to thriving in marriage. Having walked through the ups and downs of married life ever since a few years after Phil returned from his tour of duty in Viet Name as a machine gunner, Phil and Susy know what it’s like to grapple with the unique pressures and issues facing the military marriage. Are you looking for an extra spark, better mutual understanding, and a whole new degree of teamwork and intimacy?  This weekend is a must!  Packed with practical ideas, illustrations, and time-tested biblical wisdom, Phil and Susy share the keys they have found to take a good marriage and make it great!

The training Phil and Susy offer is not theoretical or abstract. It is intensely practical, time-tested and drawn from Phil and Susy’s personal story through heartache to restoration.

Phil came into marriage with a life full of broken family relationships and heavy combat trauma. Somehow, he managed to marry the girl of his dreams, but then he destroyed their marriage. Even after he came to faith in Christ, Susy remained unrelenting in her decision to divorce Phil because she no longer loved him. They would have been divorced, too--had they not been discipled. God intervened and gave Susy the insight that He could do anything. Susy began praying for a new love for Phil and it took a year and a half for our relationship to be restored. This marriage weekend addresses the anger, hurt, selfishness, destructive conflict patterns and other issues that so often keep couples from experiencing the harmony and closeness in marriage that they long for.

Session Titles

1. From Hell To Eternity: Our Story

2. When Someone You Love Is Wounded

3. Affair-Proofing Your Marriage

4. Winning At Home For The Next Generation

5. Discipleship: Your Call To Change The World

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