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Leaving A Legacy

This weekend conference begins with the story of how Phil Downer’s anger, selfishness, driven work style and infidelity almost destroyed Phil and Susy’s marriage--before God miraculously restored it. Through powerful and practical teaching from God’s Word, Phil shows how you can participate with God as He rebuilds your marriage. Learn how forgiveness, breaking free from destructive patterns of conflict, deeper communication, a unified vision, and a fresh connection to God in His Word can set you and your spouse on a course for a stronger, more intimate and fruitful marriage than you ever could have imagined. God is still in the business of changing lives, strengthening families and transforming marriages. Don't buy the lie that a troubled marriage is beyond repair, or that a strong marriage is already as good as it can be. Learn how your marriage can not only thrive, but also leave a legacy for generations to come!

Session Titles

1.  From Resentment To Renewal: A Marriage Restored
2.  From Conflict To Comfort and Healing
3.  Communication Patterns and The Keys To Intimacy
4.  Raising Up The Next Generation
5.  The Marriage That Leaves A Legacy

Speaking References:

"If you could spend an evening with Phil Downer and his family, play games with his children, dine with them in their home, or sit and talk with them in their rooms as I have, you would not only purchase A Father's Reward, you'd make it your mission to get it in the hands of every parent you know. I want every family in America - in the world - to read A Father's Reward. There is a way to turn our nation around, and it begins in the home. Not only will this book give you a vision, it will show you how that vision can become a reality."

          -Kay Arthur, Executive Director, Precept Ministries

"Phil and Susy have been so greatly used by God over the last twenty years and I believe because of the way they have walked with brokenness and humility, they will experience in the years ahead greater heights in ministry than they could ever have imagined."

          -Dr. Howard Hendricks, Distinguished Professor, Chairman, Center
           for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas,
           DNA Ministry Endorser

“Phil Downer is a man of integrity and purity and has a unique message to men by the transparency of his own personal struggles. No speaker has ever been more candid and yet also helpful as Phil when it comes to sex. His testimony draws men to the power of Christ to change lives. He speaks about his happy marriage and gives very practical advice to husbands. I highly recommend him to your ministry.”

          -Dr. Hayes Wicker, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church,
           Naples, FL