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Eternal Impact


The Eternal Impact Weekend is a life-changing conference or retreat for men, couples, or families, which focuses on biblical principles of discipleship. Phil Downer covers topics such as purity in marriage, healing brokenness, forgiving past offenses, building greater intimacy and teamwork in marriage, building deep relationships of influence and character in the workplace, investing in our children, and overcoming the obstacle we face to discipling others inside and outside our families. A life sold-out to a vision of lasting significance is rare, but it is possible for anyone. Find out how your life and the lives of those around you can become swept into the epic story that God is writing. You have a role to play in what God is doing all around you, and the stakes are high. It's time to begin living a life of Eternal Impact.

Session Titles:

1. From Brokenness to Healing: A Life and Family Restored
2. The Unshakable Marriage: Oneness and Intimacy
3. Leaving a Legacy: Discipling Your Children
4. Your Eternal Impact: Answering The Call To Discipleship

Conference Companion Book

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Successful people reach their goals. Significant people change their world.

Would you like to make a positive impact on the world that will endure for countless generations, and into eternity? That kind of impact is made through life-on-life discipleship the way Christ practiced it - changing people on life at a time. This insightful and gripping book will help you:

-Build a discipleship relationship with another person

-Overcome the barriers of discipleship

-Select someone to become your spiritual mentor

-Select someone to disciple

-Ask the right questions and pick the right setting

-Equip others to become change agents in the world around them

By Phil Downer

-Hardback, 376 pages, discussion questions included

Speaking References:

"A powerful, powerful speaker and message! God used Phil in all of our lives. Phil had stories, biblically based, that tied to key points in life-changing messages. He was forthright, transparent, motivating, vulnerable and encouraging to our men to follow God in all aspects of our lives. I recommend Phil without qualification for church and retreat settings."

          -Charlie Boyd, Senior Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, Greenville, 
           South Carolina, DNA Ministry Reference

"I am excited about DNA and convinced that God is using our friends, Phil and Susy, and in fact the whole family, to great Kingdom purposes. Phil and Susy live with the authenticity of a man and woman who have lived life to the hilt, with the humility and brokenness of people who have suffered with Christ and the joy and optimism of a couple who have experienced great growth and victory through their faith in our Lord. It's a pleasure for Ellen and me to serve on their DNA Advisory Board."

          -Bill & Ellen Armstrong, President, Colorado Christian University, and
           Homemaker, Denver, Colorado, Chairmen of the DNA Advisory Board

"As I note these comments, I've just participated in a retreat with a group of men from my church. Phil Downer has been our speaker. What a great experience! Phil's down-to-earth stories, personal vulnerability, biblical content and practical applications have touched us all!"

          -Gene Getz, Former Sr Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church North, Director,
           Center for Church Renewal, Plano, Texas, DNA Ministry Reference

“Phil really connected with a bunch of guys on many levels.  Some of the men were really helped by the simple set of questions in the first session. Phil showed us how God connects generations of men. At the first session he planted a seed of willingness to spend an hour a week with men, and it was wonderful to see the harvest of that seed at the end of the last session when all the men said they would disciple one man.

His list of common intimacy needs was very helpful. He did an excellent job explaining the notion of transparency, especially when you are trying to relate to a guy struggling with things you haven’t dealt with. He piles on lots of ideas and resources for couples. 

The last talk had lots of the ‘Basic Training’ feel about it. ‘Trained men change the world,’ he told us. ‘They are the leaders of the church.’ Amen to that! I am looking forward to putting our follow-up in place. The one-to-one pairings at the breakout sessions helped give guys a flavor of this. To quote Phil’s conclusion: ‘You and your buddy [may be] the only thing that keeps this company from being overrun.’ May God raise up such men.”

          -Dr. David Brown, Minister of Discipleship
           Ward Presbyterian Church, Northville, MI

“Phil's challenge to men to be disciple makers has greatly benefited my ministry. More men are involved in the hard work of winning and discipling the marketplace to Christ because of Phil's encouragement to make an eternal impact.”

          -Mike Winter, CBMC Metro Director,
               Lansing, MI

“The Lord greatly used Phil Downer to speak at our Ontario Promise Keeper event.  Men are still talking about it.  Thousands committed to disciple one man at the close of the event.  I highly recommend Phil as a speaker.”

          -David Sweet, President and CEO, Promise Keepers, Canada